Sunday, July 26, 2009

Five ways to improve your stream

BPH, on benign prostate enlargment, often causes problems with urinary control. Slowing of the stream is among the more common symptoms. Here are some methods urologists use to increase a man's flow rate.

Flomax: This is an alpha blocker, is taken daily, and is effective in two thirds of men.

Avodart: This physically shrinks the prostate but takes several months to work. It does not work in all men.

TARGIS: This is an in-office microwave based procedure that is effective in at least 2/3rds of men, allowing them to go off all medication.

Green Light Laser: This is an ambulatory procedure that is effective in 90 percent of men. It can cause ejaculatory side-effects.

The Bipolar TURP: The ultimate in treatment, this procedure can now be performed as an outpatient. The advent of the bipolar technology has made the procedure virtually bloodless and has rendered many other BPH treatments almost obsolete.

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