Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Why HCG?

An anesthesiologist told me that he could not understand why Manny Ramirez would use HCG as a performance enhancing steroid. He admitted he did not understand how HCG would affect testosterone levels.
Let me explain:
HCG is a natur substance present in pregnant women. It promotes growth of the placenta. HCG can also be manufactured. Manufactured HCG has legitimate medicinal applications, such as ovulation induction in women and in men the initiation of spermatogenesis.
HCG chemically resembles a hormone called LH, or luteinizing Hormone. LH is produced in the pituitary and in men causes the testicles to produce testosterone. LH does not come in medicinal form, but HCG is a great substitute and works just as well.
HCG can be given to men with low sperm counts or no sperm as a result of a pituitary problem. One could use HCG to increase a man's testosterone level as well if direct administration testosterone is contraindicated, such as in a man who is trying to have a baby.
An athlete would use HCG to raise his testosterone legitimately if he was trying to have a baby. Of course, if he wanted to evade drug testing aimed at detecting testosterone or its derivatives, HCG would be a good option.
I have not been following the Manny Ramirez case, but either he was trying to have a baby or he was trying raise his testosterone nefariously.
For those who are reading and wondering if I would prescribe HCG for a non-indicated use, do not try and contact me. The answer is no, no, no.
I just thought this would make for a nice post.
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