Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Working Closely With Urgent Care

Urgent care centers are prevalent in our community and serve a great function: they keep medical costs down be delivering care in the most cost effective and efficient manner. At least in theory that is how it is supposed to work. “Not all urgent care centers know that specialists are readily available to see even emergency cases so we can help these centers care for their patients outside of the ER and the hospital and we can help make them look good,” says Dr Schoor. Dr Schoor makes himself available to urgent care centers and their providers. Dr Schoor: “They can curbside me at anytime via phone, text, or email.” Common urology conditions that may find their way to an urgent care setting include: Renal colic/kidney stones, hematuria UTIs, voiding dysfunction, urinary retention Scrotal pain, testicular pain, scrotal masses Genital skin lesions, STIs, dysuria, urethritis