Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sperm may play major role in HIV transmission, research suggests.

Re-printed from the AUA Daily Scope.

"HealthDay (10/26, Dotinga) reported that a paper appearing in the Journal of Experimental Medicine indicates that "sperm, not just semen, can transmit the virus that causes AIDS to immune cells in the body." Researchers at the University of Buenos Aires explained that the "virus attaches to the surface of sperm and can be transmitted to immune cells" by "passing through tiny abrasions in the vagina or anus or perhaps through another method." What's more, the "slightly acid environment, which they likened to that in the vagina after sexual intercourse, boosts the likelihood of infection of these cells." "

HIV is still a major problem and transmission is not fully understood.  Avoiding high risk sexual behaviors can go a long away to prevent spread of the disease.
Dr Schoor