Monday, November 10, 2008

The Holiday Season = Kidney Stone Season

The image below shows a ureter stone inside a stone basket as I was removing the stone.

It is that time of year again. With the holidays come parties,
family, time off from work, and food.

Plenty of food!

Kidney stones come from, among other things, over-eating. Most
of us eat diets that are rich in animal protein, such as chicken,
fish, or red meat. During our holiday feasting, we eat more than
our fair share of it.

Animal protein causes kidney stones because the protein gets
converted to acid that is then filtered by the kidneys. The
acidic environment of the kidneys becomes the ideal condition
for kidney stones to develop and grow.

You can minimize your risk of forming kidney stones during the
holiday period by doing some of the following:

1: Substitute vegetables and legumes for meats
2: Drink more water
3: Eat less salt (calcium follows salt in the kidney)
4: Eat citrus
5: Eat home cooked rather than prepared meals (less salt)

Of course, if you do feel pain, don't suffer needlessly.

Dr S