Friday, November 28, 2008

7 Causes of Scrotal Pain

Scrotal pain is very common. Here are some causes of this condition:
  1. Infection, ie of the testicle, the epididymis or both
  2. Kidney and ureter stones, via referred pain.
  3. Herniated disks in the nack, again via referred pain.
  4. Hernias
  5. Trauma, even mild trauma can produce inflammation and somewhat prolonged pain.
  6. Torsion. The testicle can twist upon itself and disrupt its blood supply. This is a true urologic emergency.
  7. Tumors. Most tumors are palpable--can be felt. Sometimes, the only symptom from a testis tumor is pain.
Scrotal pain is easy to evaluate in the office with a history, physical exam, and a doppler scrotal sonogram. In addition, almost every condition above is relatively easy to treat.


Dr S