Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Avoid Kidney Stones This Holiday

Every year, during the period from Thanksgiving to New Years, I get a flurry of frantic kidney stone calls. Why is that?
Kidney stones, in general, form under conditions of dehydration or acid load to the kidneys. In the summer months, we see a increase in kidney stones due to dehydration. Couple that with a July 4th BBQ, and we see even more.
In the winter months, dehydration is less of a factor, but constant feasting between Thanksgiving and New Years Eve produces what is known as an acid load into the kidneys. The acid load causes kidney stones to form.
This year, I recommend the following to prevent stones from forming in the first place:
1: Eat in moderation
2: Eat less animal protein, that is red meat, fish, and poultry
3: Drink plenty of water or lemonade
4: Make sure your taking your stone prevention medications
Good luck, and of course, if you do have kidney stone pain, call me!
The IU.