Friday, April 13, 2007

The Testis Biopsy

The testicular biopsy is done during the evaluation of infertilility in men that do not have sperm in the ejaculate--azoospermia. The testis biopsy is essentially done to differentiate between the 2 causes of azoospermia--obstruction vs testis failure. Testis biopsies will typically reveal 1 of several possible pathology types:

  • Normal

  • Hypospermatogenesis

  • Germ Cell Aplasia

  • Inflammation

Testis biopsies are not performed, in general, in the evaluation of a testicular mass or tumor, such as testicular cancer.

The testis biopsy is a diagnostic procedure only and does not, in and of itself, help couples become pregnant. Occasionally, a testis biopsy is done in conjunction with a testicular sperm aspiration.

The above testis biopsy result was from a patient with azoospermia and shows hypospermatogenesis.


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