Monday, January 01, 2007

My doctor said I have a low testosterone

Testosterone is generally considered the male hormone, while estrogen is considered the female hormone. Actually, both men and women have both hormones, though in differing concentrations. Hypogonadism is a syndrome that involves declining or low levels of testosterone and its related hormones and molecules in men. Hypogonadism has been become a somewhat common diagnosis in recent times due in part to a better understanding of the disorder amongst physicians and in part to a heightened awareness by patients that treatments exist for sexual problems.
Hypogonadism can be associated with a number of symptoms. Some men complain primarily of fatigue and lethargy while others may experience predominantly sexual problems such as a low libido or impotence. Other symptoms, such as irritability, depression, or cognitive disturbance (concentration) can exist as well. Screening for hypogonadism is indicated in men who exhibit any combination of the above symptoms.

Hypogonadism affects many men of a variety of ages. Dr Schoor is a specialist in the evaluation and management of hypogonadism in men. Dr Schoor's urology office is located in Smithtown NY, in Suffolk County. Prospective patients can reach him at 631-326-6035.