Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Accurate semen analysis available in Suffolk County

Semen analysis, which includes sperm counts, is now available in Long Island's Suffolk County. Dr Schoor is the only urologist/male infertility specialist with an on-site male infertility lab for semen analysis.

The semen analysis is typically the first test of a man’s fertility potential. The analysis usually includes multiple parameters, however the most important semen values are the ejaculate volume, sperm concentration (count), and sperm motility. Many physicians also place emphasis on the sperm morphology, or shape, though whether this is an important value, in and of itself, has not been determined. The most important analysis value that best measures a man’s fertility potential is the total motile sperm count, which should exceed 20 million sperm. A normal semen analysis does not rule out the presence of an adverse male factor.

Dr Schoor’s office does semen analysis 6 days per week, by appointment only. Please call 631-326-6035 to schedule.

Hours: Monday to Friday 8-6PM, other early AM and evening hours may be arranged.
Saturday hours can be arranged, call 631-326-6035.

Collection: Specimens are collected via masturbation only. For convenience, specimens may be collected at the office or at your home. If collecting at home, please get your sample to the office in 1 hour. Please observe 2-5 days abstinence prior to collecting.

Cups: Special specimen collection cups may be obtained at Dr Schoor’s office or your doctor’s office. Call 631-326-6035.

Results: Sample’s are analyzed immediately and you can call for the results the same day. In addition, Dr Schoor will fax the results to your doctor. Results are reported using standard WHO criteria.

Disclaimer: Semen analysis is a highly variable test from specimen to specimen and from parameter to parameter. The results ordered should be taken with caution and additional testing obtained as indicated. In addition, a normal semen analysis does not rule-out the presence of a male factor.

To Schedule an appointment, contact Dr Schoor.

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